Talent coupled with hard work helps creative people thrive. Competitions inspire them to excel and exceed themselves. To encourage the budding artists of our country to come up with their best, Symbiosis conducts the annual competition called, ‘Show Your Colors’. This pan-India event draws young talent from all over the country in a variety of streams including singing, dance, instruments, drawing, and painting. Besides attractive awards, the winners get an opportunity to perform before an elite audience at the Symbiosis festivals.

The institution follows a unique evaluation process to cherry pick the bestest among the best of India’s aspiring talents. Ms. Sarita Moharana, who is a key part of the examination system in Pracheen Kala, Chandigarh, is a member of the jury on this mega-event.

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Competition Result

Result of ‘Show your colours’ 2016.

Classical vocal:

A gr.: 1st Vrinda Kothari
2nd Urbee chatterjee
3rd Meghna chakroborty

B gr :1st Bhumika Taparia
2nd Abhisikta Parida

Semiclassical vocal:

1st Sruti Swyamsiddha
2nd Abhisikta Parida
3rd Bhumika Taparia
Jury prize Gautam Taparia

Vocal (Light mus):

Open gr :1st Kuheli Biswas
2nd Sharmistha Banerjee

A gr :1st Gautam Taparia
2nd Samporna Majumdar
Simran Kapoor

3rd AdvikaThirani:
Aishita Tiwary

Vocal (Bollywood):

A gr:1st Gautam Taparia
2nd Bhavya Sharma

C gr: 1stSruti Swyamsiddha
2nd Bhumika Taparia

Drawing :

A gr:1st P. Praharshita
2nd Nistha Banerjee
3rd Sara Gupta

B gr: 1st Neha Agarwal
2nd Yadavi Thiran

Odissi dance:

A gr:1st Niharika Duggar
2nd Shraddha Das
Nistha Banerjee
3rd Meghna Chakroborty
Sara Gupta

B gr:1st Ashmita Kar
2nd Yadavi Thirani
3rd Mouma Paul

C gr:1st Deviyani Sharma
2ndDeboleena Dutta
3rd Sukanya Panda
Jury prize Soumyashree Mohanty

Bharatnatyam :

C gr 1st Suchismita Saha
2nd Debasmita Nayak

Kathak :

C gr 1st Tanushree Saha
2nd Sujanya Kundu

Semiclassical dance :

A gr 1st Shraddha Das
2nd Deepanwita Bhowmik
3rd Debanwita Mukherjee

C gr 1st Deviyani Sharma
2nd Suru Chandini

Folk dance :

A gr1st Monoleena patra
2nd Shraddha Das
3rd Mouma Bose

Creative dance:

1st Debasmita Nayak
2nd Debanwita Mukherjee

Rabindra Nritya :

1st Ahishma Manna
2nd Debanwita Mukherjee
3rd Monoleena Patra

Bollywood dance :

1st Yadavi Thirani
2nd Deviyani Sharma
3rd Abhisikta Parida
Best Participant Senior : Deviyani Sharma
Best Participant Junior: Gautam Taparia


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